This life of the movies, frozen on digital or celluloid media, awaits like a dark and secret friend across the decades.

Your favorite childhood movie memories, unlike your favorite real life people, and places and situations, are all still here, fresh and alive as they ever were.

They wait to be discovered by older eyes, miraculously unchanged–unlike anything else, even though the actors in them have all aged and changed.

Movies are shared narrative experiences, containers of personality, motivation, character, emotion, moral dilemmas and resolutions.

They live on indefinitely.

New (and good) movies participate in an unbroken chain of emotionally moving visual art begun in earnest in the early 20th century.

Movies speak to the most tender places in the human heart.

At their most sublime, they portray the hope of a wonderful life, the longing for a heavenly existence.

Movies are, at their best, a modern boon and a historical testimony with the power to make us all feel young again.

And that is a great gift indeed.

Curtis Smale